Asking Your Designer To Make Your Site Shareable

When you hire a graphic designer to make your website perfect, they have to do more than make something that is pretty. You can have a pretty website, but your website needs to be shareable in every way. A graphic designer has to give you the tools to allow customers to share your content. Your whole website has to be a forum for sharing, and you should only have to hire one person to get all this done.

Sharing The Site

You need to make sure that your site is set up to share right from the homepage. Inviting people to share your page on social media is the best way to make sure that others will find out about your site. The URL for your site should be included when people click on the share button, and your graphic designer should create share buttons that are beautiful to look at. Customers are more likely to click on buttons that look nice.

Sharing Content

The content within your website should have smaller versions of the share buttons. These share buttons need to be small enough to fit within the design of the pages, and they need to easy to get to. Your graphic designer can help you create a template that will allow you to drop the share buttons into your content, or they can put the share buttons in for you.


The translation of your website is more important than you think. Every customer from abroad is going to go elsewhere if they cannot quickly choose the country they are in. Ask your designer to create a translation setup that allows people to choose their country of origin before they continue to browse your site.

Flexible Pictures

You also need to ask your designer to set up coding for each picture that makes the pictures easy for people to see across cell phones, tablets and computers. When you have this type of coding, it is much easier for you to get new readers. Readers who are referred to your site are more likely to stay on the website because the images are easy to see. How ever if you dont have a website designer then there is no need to worry you can use Dynadot’s website builder for free. Its a great new way to have a professional looking website

Each item here makes your website more shareable. More readers will come by because more people are able to share your content.